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Dark Ale 1,7kg

Art.nr: DBK928
På lager: 6


Mørk mahogny farget og en kremaktig skum top. Aromaer av ristet malt med hint av sjokolade, til sjenerøs munnfølelse Dominert av ristet malt smaker, med nok humle til å gi balanse og en tørr avslutting. En favoritt blant mange mørkt øl elskere.

  • Colour : 650 EBC
  • Bitterness : 590 IBU

Mister Sinister (20l)

A winter brew is often dark and brooding, but you can take it to a whole new level and give a sinister edge by following our Recipe of the Month - Mister Sinister. A mix of dark, darker and the darkest of ingredients are used to make this sinister brew, which is a delicious blend of roasted coffee and dark chocolate with velvety sweet malt flavours balanced by a bitter finish. Sitting at around 7.2% ABV, this stoutish brew really "packs a punch"!


Colour: Black Approx. Alcohol Level: 7.2% ABV
Body: Heavy Naturally Carbonated: Natural
Bitterness: Medium  

Nut Brown Ale (23l)

When we first released the Brewmaster Selection (circa Sep’ 1999), the range included a Nut Brown Ale beer kit. Nut Brown was replaced with Irish Stout, when the Brewmaster Selection was re-launched back in 2005. Today, these kits sit under the Thomas Coopers Selection label (eight kits in the range). Even though an ocean of beer has flowed from the tap since we last produced the Nut Brown, we still hear from the odd brewer lamenting its demise! To those brewers, we suggest a Dark Ale kit based recipe as being similar to Nut-Brown Ale (BJCP Style Guidelines 11.C.). The key ingredient in this recipe, apart from the Original Series Dark Ale beer kit, is crystal malt grain. The crystal malt grain requires cracking, steeping, straining, bringing to the boil, then cool (sit the pot in a sink of cold water) prior to adding to the fermenting vessel. Most brewing specialist stores will crack the grain for you or you can crack it yourself by placing in a plastic zip-lock sandwich bag and using a rolling pin. We suggest 200g of crystal but you may like to bump this amount up to as much as 500g for future brews.


Colour: Brown Approx. Alcohol Level: 4.6% ABV
Body: Medium Naturally Carbonated: Natural
Bitterness: Medium  

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