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Coopers Lager ekstrakt

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Gylen halmfarget lager med flott hvitt skum. Lett blomstrete aroma fulgt av en lett til middels fyldig kropp med subtile humle og malt smaker og en frisk finish. En Australsk Lager med mye karakter.

  • Colour : 90 EBC
  • Bitterness : 390 IBU

Lawnmower Lager (23l)

A recipe for the brewer who wants to make a lower alcohol beer with good body and head retention. This recipe produces a beer designed to be chilled and "guzzled guiltlessly" after mowing the lawn or similar task.


Colour: Straw Approx. Alcohol Level: 3.2% ABV
Body: Light Naturally Carbonated: Natural
Bitterness: Medium/Low  

Russian Imperial Stout (20l)

Russian Imperial Stout (RIS), also known as Imperial Stout, was so named from the circumstances of the time. In the 18th century, strong stouts and porters were exported from England to a number of Northern European countries. The high level of alcohol evolved out of necessity as this prevented the brew from freezing when in transit. This style of stout was especially popular in Russia, particularly with the Imperial Court and became so named “Russian” or “Imperial” Stout. RIS continued to be exported to the Baltic region right up to the start of World War I. RIS is an excellent beer to watch develop for several years with bottle age . When young it may be strongly alcoholic with powerful roasted character and a very bitter finish. With years of age, the alcoholic and roasted characters meld together and the bitterness softens to produce Madeira like characters. Generally, RIS carries less fizz and should be served at about 15°C. This style of beer should appeal to anybody who likes aged fortified wine or dark fruitcake. This brew is a serious stout, intensely dark, high in alcohol, syrupy, bittersweet with excellent aging potential. Fermentation of this brew requires the capacity for controlling ample foam – a good reason to get the new DIY Beer Kit!


A Few Important Points:

- Fermentation activity is “volcanic” so be prepared. Ferment in the DIY Beer Kit vessel or a 40 to 60 litre vessel.
- If not using the DIY Beer kit vessel, a second vessel should be on hand for racking the brew on day 3 of the ferment,   this can be a normal 30 litre fermenting vessel.
-This brew requires sturdy glass bottles suitable for home brewing and long term storage.

Colour: Black Approx. Alcohol Level: 9.2% ABV
Body: Heavy Naturally Carbonated: Natural
Bitterness: High  

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