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European Lager 1,7kg

Art.nr: DBK924
På lager: 3


Coopers European Lager vidrefører stilen av de beste pilsene fra Nord-Europa.

Serveres godt avkjølt i et høyt, smalt glass med et sjenerøs hode på minst 5cm, nyt deretter den urteaktige humle aromaen og friske ettersnaken.

  • Colour : 90 EBC
  • Bitterness : 340 IBU

Green Neck Lager (21l)

Belgium is known for flavoursome beer styles, the majority of these being ale. So it’s reasonable to expect their lager beer to be well made with an appealing hop aroma, mouth-filling taste and clean finish. Using Coopers European Lager to a reduced volume will concentrate the flavour and lift the alcohol content to approximately 5% ABV, typical of this style.


Colour: Straw Approx. Alcohol Level: 5.0% ABV
Body: Medium Naturally Carbonated: Natural
Bitterness: Medium  

Oktoberfest  (20l)

The BJCP style guidelines 3B, use descriptors for Oktoberfest such as, “smooth, clean, and rather rich, with a depth of malt character… one of the classic malty styles, with a maltiness that is often described as soft, complex, and elegant…”The history behind Oktoberfest (known as Märzen when young), as detailed in the BJCP style guidelines, “…based on an adaptation of the Vienna style…Typically brewed in the spring, signalling the end of the traditional brewing season and stored in cold caves or cellars during the warm summer months. Served in autumn amidst traditional celebrations.” It’s rare for a beer to go through a name change once it has aged in the bottle but they do present quite differently! Try making identical brews, 6 months apart, then perform a side-by-side tasting to compare a Märzen with an Oktoberfest.


Colour: Gold Approx. Alcohol Level: 4.4% ABV
Body: Medium Naturally Carbonated: Natural
Bitterness: Medium  

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