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Irish Stout 1,7kg

Art.nr: DBK922
På lager: 2


En rik, mørk brygge med kaffe, sjokolade og lakris aroma, rista bitre smaker med en tørr finish.

Coopers Irish Stout er en autentisk oppskrift som inneholder en blanding av maltet bygg, ristet bygg, flaked bygg og humle. Et kremaktig beige farget skum som hviler på toppen av øl.

  • Colour : 1500 EBC
  • Bitterness : 560 IBU

ChocLiqueur Stout (23l)

The economy of scale, we enjoy as DIY brewers, means little effort and materials are needed to modify or augment desirable characters of a brew. In this recipe, a dry stout base (BJCP style guidelines, category 13C) has the chocolate aroma increased to a more overt level by adding both chocolate malt grains and chocolate flavouring. Reduce the priming rate by 50% to give the brew less fizz and a smoother mouth-feel.


Colour: Black Approx. Alcohol Level: 4.9% ABV
Body: Heavy Naturally Carbonated: Natural
Bitterness: Medium  

English Stout (23l)

The recommended recipe (on the side of the can) for Thomas Coopers Irish Stout produces a dry stout style. However, this can be modified toward the sweet stout style (English) with a simple addition of Dark Malt extract and a handful of Fuggles hops. The BJCP Style Guidelines (13.B. – Sweet Stout) describe this style as a very dark, sweet, full-bodied and slightly roasty ale. The hops and yeast for this recipe can be sourced from most Brewing Specialist stores. Those, experienced with grain additions, might like to add 300g of Chocolate Malt for an extra dimension of flavour and aroma.


Colour: Black Approx. Alcohol Level: 4.8% ABV
Body: Medium Naturally Carbonated: Natural
Bitterness: Medium  

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