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Chocolat (900 EBC) Castle Malting

Art.nr: 203011
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Chocolat 900 EBC


Features: Belgian chocolate malt. Torrefied at 220°C and then quickly cooled

when the desired colour is reached.

Characteristics: Château Chocolat malt is a highly roasted malt with a deep

brown colour. This is where its name comes from. Château Chocolat malt is

used to adjust the colour of beer and imparts a nutty, toasted flavour.

Château Chocolat malt shares many of the characteristics of Black Malt but

provides a less bitter flavour than Black malt and is lighter than Black,

because it is roasted for a slightly shorter period of time and the end

temperatures are not so high.


Brown, strong, darker and black beers, such as porters, stouts and brown ales


Up to 7% of the mix


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